You can book an interpreter for your individual theory driving test at CBR here. As soon as your driving school has notified you that the test has been arranged, you can request to have an interpreter. Don't forget that you must allow a period of at least two weeks if you wish to reserve an interpreter to be present during the test.

You can book an interpreter by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Please complete the form as fully as possible. After you have filled it in and sent it to us, we will confirm your reservation.

It is your responsibility to arrange an interpreter. The CBR is not involved in the hiring of an interpreter by a test candidate. If the booking is not made correctly and you come for the test and there is no interpreter from TolkenNet present, the test cannot take place and you will not be entitled to any form of restitution. Please note that under such circumstances the test cannot be taken in Dutch.

TolkenNet can supply interpreters in most current languages. If you cannot find an interpreter for the language you require on the list included in the reservation form, please contact us at (

The services of an interpreter will cost € 169, including VAT and the payment must be made via iDEAL. After you have filled in the form below, you can make the payment via iDEAL. Only then can you be sure of your reservation. The interpreter, who will need to supply proof of identity in advance, will then be present at the requested time and place.


  • An individual CBR theory test may only be applied for by your driving school. No interpreter may be brought to a whole-class theory test.
  • For any unlisted languages, a separate appointment must be made with TolkenNet by calling 075 - 6146070.

Our Standard Terms & Conditions apply to all our services.

Vraag CBR tolk aan

CCV examens:

Graag attendeert TolkenNet u erop dat individuele theorie-examens geen CCV examens zijn. De CCv-examens dienen vooralsnog aangevraagd te worden per email:


Zowel kandidaat als de rijschool(houder) kunnen hier een beëdigde tolk reserveren voor bij een praktijk examen (CBR) via onderstaande knop. Houdt u er rekening mee dat de termijn waarop u een examen met tolk reserveert minimaal 2 weken moet zijn. De tolkdienst kost inclusief BTW € 169,-.

Vraag tolk aan bij praktijkexamen


Voor een door het CBR opgelegd rijvaardigheidsonderzoek kunt u bij ons terecht. Wij leveren beëdigde tolken met ervaring op locatie.

U dient minimaal 14 dagen van tevoren een tolk aan te vragen. Voor een offerte dienen wij de oproep van het CBR als bijlage te ontvangen

Vraag offerte aan